Willow’s Reef is an all-in-one coral food new to the UK

Hot on the heels of Coral Thrive, Coral Feast from US-based Willow’s Reef is the latest coral food to be launched and exclusively distributed in the UK by Aquatic Now.

Corals have never had it so good, as Coral Feast boasts Krill, Rotifers, Arctic Copepods, Brine shrimp, Apocylops royi, Daphnia, Spirulina, Porphyra umbilicalis, Palmaria palmata, and Ulva lactuca in its list of ingredients which, according to the manufacturer, has been designed and tested to stimulate coral growth and colour.

The food is milled, sieved and blended to 300 microns and comes to us in a 60g pot.

RRP £24.99

More info at www.aquaticnow.com

Jeremy Gay

Author of three fishkeeping books and lifelong fishkeeper. Experience includes editor of Practical Fishkeeping magazine, editor of Pet Product Marketing magazine, multi award- winning livestock manager and aquatic store manager.