Aquajardinerie looks and sounds like Aquajardin, but is totally separate…

Gloucestershire fishkeepers will be pleased, but also scratching their heads slightly, at the opening of a new aquatic store.

Named Aquajardinerie, (meaning Aqua Garden Centre,) the store is due to open in the Three Shires Garden Centre, Newent.

That’s where one of the four Aquajardin stores was situated for a long time before a  landlord bust-up meant the chain ceased trading after 30 years, with the loss of 15 jobs at the Gloucester site alone when ownership moved to Dobbies.

We covered the story here and there was massive reaction and sadness to the loss of such a well known, and well-run company.

“No connection”

Brilliant then that our Facebook feeds revealed this week that the Phoenix was going to rise from the ashes (at least at the Newent site,) with the opening of the brand new Aquajardinerie store. It sounds like Aquajardin, it has the same logo, it’s being promoted on the still-running Aquajardin Facebook page, but confusingly, its no relation.

“Please note Aquajardinerie is a new business and has no connection with Aquajardin!” said Aquajardin on their still live facebook page. “This is a new business, not Pete.”(the old owner,) “Adrian who was at Newent is running it.”


But this is already leading to confusion and over 50 comments from ex Aquajardin customers who have been told the Newent store won’t be doing marines at first, nor accepting Aquajardin Gift Vouchers, yet continuing with the old firm’s loyalty scheme.

Fishkeeping News has also received queries on the back of the last news story from old Aquajardin customers querying where they can go to regarding pond pump warranties.

So brilliant news about a new aquatic store, the service it will provide to fishkeepers in the South West, and the jobs it will create, but we can’t help thinking those poor staff are going to take an eternity explaining it to everyone…

For more info go to Aquajardin’s facebook page.



Jeremy Gay

Author of three fishkeeping books and lifelong fishkeeper. Experience includes editor of Practical Fishkeeping magazine, editor of Pet Product Marketing magazine, multi award- winning livestock manager and aquatic store manager.