ITC’s Coral Thrive is Zooplankton, Phyto, Spirulina and bacteria in one

ITC Aquatics has launched a new marine dry food called Coral Thrive.

Aimed at hard corals, soft corals and filter feeders, the food ranges in particle size and is made up of freeze-dried Krill, Copepods, Rotifers and Daphnia, Microalgae, Chlorella, Kelp and Spirulina, and even Bacillus spp. bacteria. Such a mixed diet will surely satisfy a number of reef aquarium organisms (including fish,) and the probiotic bacteria is in there to enhance water quality, according to the manufacturer.

Freeze drying gives the product long shelf life and does away with the need for refrigeration. But add it to water, it will rehydrate and can then be poured into the tank. The recommended dose is to add a 1/4 teaspoon of food per 200 litres of tank water.

Its priced at £19.99.

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