D-D Coral viewing glasses are so cool!

It’s the little things in life that make me smile, and these coral viewing sunglasses from D-D made me and a load of other people really happy that they exist.

I believe the style of sunglasses is referred to as Wayfarer by those in the know, but they’re basically the shades that we all know and love and have owned pairs past and present.

But these have amber lenses instead of shaded ones, and if you put them on and look at your blue LED reef tank, you’ll be wowed by the difference.

We all know that blue light is good for coral growth and we all also know that mobile phone cameras can’t handle our blue tanks. That’s where the D-D Coral Colour Lens and others come in.

But we can see coral colours in our blue tanks, and change our lights from blue to white. So what’s the point of these? All I can say is put some on.

Put some on and your tank and corals become even more technicolour than you ever dreamed of. You’ll see colours you didn’t see before, things you didn’t see before, and one user I spoke to today said he wasn’t ever going to view his home reef tank without them again.

So buy some for the princely sum of £3.99 and fill your boots. If you work in an aquatic shop buy some, and write-off a few pairs for customer use too.

Not many good things come this cheap in fishkeeping!

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Jeremy Gay

Author of three fishkeeping books and lifelong fishkeeper. Experience includes editor of Practical Fishkeeping magazine, editor of Pet Product Marketing magazine, multi award- winning livestock manager and aquatic store manager.