Reef Zlements is A new UK manufactured marine supplement range

The reefing scene isn’t short on supplements but dedicated followers of fish fashion are always keen to latch onto the next big thing. Reef Zlements, created by chemist Maria Duarte could be that next big thing as apart from being family-owned and run, the products are designed and manufactured right here in the UK. It sounds like they know what they’re doing too…

Maria told Fishkeeping News all about her new company: 

“Reef Zlements was set up by a family of reefers to help other like-minded hobbyists provide the best conditions for their tanks. For over 30 years the members of our family have been maintaining aquariums, starting with the customary freshwater tank to the current family mixed reef. Our family’s passion for marine life stems from being avid, certified divers completing countless dives in breathtaking reefs and wrecks covered in life, all over the world. This has not only provided us with vital knowledge and experience, but also a strong foundation to understand these marine ecosystems.” 

Maria’s academic and professional background in Industrial Chemistry includes experience and knowledge in quality control and chemical compound formulation, which she says allowed the company to develop the products now being offered.

“Through the years, we always felt that there was a gap in the UK regarding this type of offering, as all competing products come from outside the UK. Now, with the current climate, we felt that it was the right time to help UK reefers, by offering our knowledge, financial investment, time and support to create Reef Zlements, a company that pledges to offer high-quality products at good prices.”

“As part of our high-quality pledge, our products are quality assured through strict controlled and UKAS accredited UK laboratories using multiple analysis methods, thus giving everyone the confidence and reassurance of what they put into their aquariums are uncompromised. We believe, however, that quality doesn’t need to affect our product prices.”

“Being a new business, we are highly dependent on how the community and potential partners receive us. Nevertheless, Reef Zlements as a company was created to help the UK aquarium hobby and industry.”

“Our mission is to bring state of the art research and product development in this area into the UK, creating new job opportunities, new and innovative products that will be more accessible to the UK hobbyists and allow them to rely on UK developed products to produce world-class marine aquariums.”

“With this being said, we can only achieve this with the UK community support. However, we believe in giving before receiving and by putting our effort and our hearts and minds into Reef Zlements we aim to contribute and give to the UK aquarist community.”

The range

“Our initial product range includes Z-Complete, a 2-part dosing system that includes all the macro, micro and trace elements that corals need to grow and get the great colours we always seek to achieve. It will also include a full range of Macro, Micro and Trace “Zlements” to allow hobbyists, using any mineral and nutrient replenishing solution to make individual parameters adjustments, ensuring that everyone can have the best parameters possible in their aquariums.”

“Part of our growth plan includes adding new products to the range and therefore, shortly after our initial launch we are already aiming to release our “Z-Nutrient” range, i.e. Aminos+, N & P. Aminos+ is a product that includes selected amino-acids, complex carbohydrates, fatty acids and specific vitamins. N & P are our Nitrogen and Phosphorous supplements. This set of products closes the loop regarding Reef Zlements providing end-to-end nutritional support for corals and animals in our aquariums.”

“Further to those product lines, we intend to launch and offer in the medium term an ICP analysis product, along with our Z-Care line, i.e. a set of products that will include high-end filtration media like GFO, DI resins and activated carbon. We aim to introduce these high-value products at cost to the hobbyist to genuinely show our support to the UK aquarist community.”

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Jeremy Gay

Author of three fishkeeping books and lifelong fishkeeper. Experience includes editor of Practical Fishkeeping magazine, editor of Pet Product Marketing magazine, multi award- winning livestock manager and aquatic store manager.