ADA Kew Gardens event postponed

The World of Nature Aquarium private event in Kew Gardens in May has been postponed due to Coronavirus.

Due to be staged at Cambridge Cottage on May the 18th, 2020, is now displaying the event as postponed.

Sold out almost as soon as it launched, the ADA hosted event is a rarity in the UK, and although ADA’s founder Takashi Amano passed away, this is the closest that many will ever get to the Japanese brand and its students.

Amano’s daughter Sayuri was also supposed to be in attendance at the event.

Jean-Michel Touche

The event was to be hosted by the Royal Botanic Garden’s aquarist and horticulturist Jean-Michel Touche. He trained at the Nature Aquarium Gallery, Japan, in 2018 and is passionate about growing plants, animals and nature.

ADA Aquascaping Creator Yusuke Homma was to present on the day, a student of Takashi Amano since 1994. He worked with Amano on nature photography and aquarium layouts, and his work is displayed at the Nature Aquarium Gallery in Japan.

The one-day event was to include a lecture and a demonstration.

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Jeremy Gay

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